Published on : 09 December 20213 min reading time
Biotechnology refers to all applications resulting from science and technology. Its purpose is to proceed to a mutation of living or inert organisms, intended for the production of goods and services. Currently, these applications have been extended in several fields, namely: pharmacology, agriculture, medicine and cosmetology. They are also experiencing a real boom in the innovation of several traditional techniques. Nevertheless, their existence is still unknown to the public. Therefore, the question that arises is: “What are the applications of biotechnologies?” To learn a little more about the subject, read these few lines.


Cosmetic laboratories are turning to biotechnology to eliminate the use of chemical agents in beauty products. Indeed, by mutating bacteria, many researchers are trying to find formulas that have the same impact as synthetic solutions. Through the application of biotechnology in cosmetics, the concept of artificial skin was born. This new method also aims to perform an autograft in a person with lesions following a burn. It participates in the healing of burned cells. This technique has been very successful and works miracles. Moreover, another formula born from biotech is also born thanks to its anti-aging properties. However, the positive results of this one are still being analyzed. But what about its applications in agriculture?


In the field of agriculture, the applications of biotechnology are well known. At the very beginning, agri-biotechnology manifested itself in fermentation and brewing. But after a few years of research, experts in the field have found other, simpler methods to optimize the profitability of the agri-food industry. One example is plant breeding to increase yields and protect crops from pests. Another biotechnological application is the production of firm cheese. This design method consists of yeast renneting. But in general, the applications of biotechnology in agriculture are simple and quick to practice. What about biotechnology in medicine?


The production of bio-drugs has contributed to the treatment of many diseases such as cancer, viral diseases and others. Medical researchers also advocate the benefits of biotechnology on health. In fact, according to their thesis, the best way to kill stem cells is to use micro-organisms. These are designed to counteract and reverse the attacks of viral agents on healthy cells. They are therefore a reinforcement to the antibodies of the anatomy. Like immunotherapies, the amount of chemicals used in the treatments is less and remains more effective. Moreover, over the long term, it has been proven that biotechnology generates few side effects. In other words, biotechnology could be the solution to all the ills caused by chemicals.