In the industrial environment and more particularly on the logistics side within the packaging lines, many equipments can be set up in order to facilitate the packaging tasks and to make them more fluid and easy to realize in order to benefit from a considerable saving of time. Several processes can be set up according to the needs of the company and thus bring solutions to the problems encountered by the teams in charge of packaging. The tape dispenser is one of these elements that can really change everything in a packaging process, explanations...


The tape dispenser is a device that facilitates the application of adhesive tape. It is used in many sectors in order to allow the packaging of products in a much easier way. There are different types of tape dispensers that are more or less adapted to the need. For example, there is the manual tape dispenser which allows to facilitate the unrolling of the tape and its application thanks to an adapted support and an included blade. You can also opt for a manual tape dispenser with a handle that can be easily transported when needed. This type of device can already save a considerable amount of time when packing packages, but it is possible to go much further today. Indeed, there are also so-called automatic tape dispensers. The whole action will be completely automated in order to deliver tape strips to the desired length thanks to a predefined program. Moreover, different programs can be pre-recorded in order to adapt to different package sizes. This type of tape dispenser can also recover the liner if necessary and can be adapted to all types of adhesive tapes without problems. It is therefore a real ally that can be connected to the mains or powered by battery to make it more easily transportable and thus have it at hand anywhere on the workstation.


Saving time is undoubtedly one of the most important issues in business, and even more so at the time of deliveries, which is why the more time spent on packaging products will be reduced, the more the company will win. That said, you can't sacrifice packaging quality for better timing either. Thus, opting for a tape dispenser will be an action that will both save time and enjoy optimal packaging. By facilitating the packaging process (which some companies have taken to the extreme, an article on the subject here), the time savings will be considerable. What's more, tape dispensers are also more economical devices. Indeed, since they are easy to use and do not allow for mistakes, considerable savings in tape will be made. In addition, before deciding on a model it will be possible to test it with the adhesive tapes that you have to ensure that both are compatible and thus avoid mistakes. Finally, if a tape dispenser breaks down, it will not be necessary to change the whole device because the manufacturer will be able to replace only the defective parts, which will allow real savings. The tape dispenser therefore not only saves money, but also time, which is a goal for many companies.