Are you planning to get into laser industrialization design? Currently, companies that specialize in laser methods are beginning to gain a foothold in industrialization. They can accompany you in the realization of your projects. They also offer you the service of study and industrialization. This starts from the development of your needs to the industrialization of your prototypes. It is therefore necessary to hire a specialized company for the realization of a study of laser industrialization. This article gives you an overview of this subject.


The study and laser industrialization must be done upstream. There are many development steps to go through before getting to manufacturing, then to marketing. To start, you must define each value of the product to prepare its design. The ideal development of a product always goes through several steps. For this reason, the first step consists in checking the errors and the defect of conformity to rectify to carry out a second motivation more successful than the first one until reaching the obtained result. It is also necessary to define in the first step the targeted markets as well as the volumes of the products which could be available. It is also important to choose your partners. There are two types of partners: distributors and subcontractors. After having established all the elements in the specifications, it is necessary to take care of the design of parts including the reviews of the constraints such as the functional constraints, the environment of the part, the materials and the production rates. In the development stage, there is the feasibility or POC which focuses on the selection of laser equipment to be implemented to meet the project constraints.


The companies specialized in laser processes accompany in the study and industrialization of the project. Thanks to their know-how and knowledge, they could accompany you in all the procedures of your projects. To achieve your goal, these specialized companies are always listening to you. Their role is to help you during the conception of your project, the mention of specifications and the resolutions and evaluation of problems. By hiring the specialized companies, you will have the possibility to benefit from their individualized service offers. They are always looking for innovative solutions in order to be more competitive. In fact, its support consists in bringing the industrialists to the manufacture and the design of new products. Especially, for what is additive manufacturing, repair, laser probing, functionalization of the aspect by laser texturing as well as microaplications. For your information, you will still be the owner of the totality of the parts corresponding to your applications by working with companies specialized in laser processes in case you want to solicit subcontractors.                    


The accompaniment in a study and industrialization laser of a company specialized in laser processes has many advantages. First of all, it is the most suitable process. Then, the accompaniment in your project is in all phases of industrial application including the laser training. In addition, you can anticipate the technical assistance in case of problems, because these specialized companies can make the diagnosis and detect the problems. They can also provide metallographic expertise. Indeed, these companies regularly perform material characterization to examine the anomalies caused by the transformations of material properties during the processing period and the metallographic analysis of the parts. In addition to this, the support extends to the selection of the equipment supplier as well as the incorporation of new offers in your production line.