Medicine has progressed a lot since the beginning of time until today. Thanks to the many advances in medicine, human life expectancy has increased. These advances are due to the work of physicists, chemists and computer scientists. Their work is the result of experiments or research or discoveries made over many years.


Medicine is necessary in everyday life with all the medical advances. You need to see doctors or pharmacists regularly. Medicine helps you to stay fit and healthy. There is general medicine or traditional medicine. All parts of your body need maintenance. Go to the dentist for your teeth. Pediatricians are the specialists for your newborns and babies. The gynecologist is the one who follows you during your pregnancy. The general practitioner is there for fevers or other illnesses of the body. The surgeon is the one in charge of patients who need surgery in the hospital's operating rooms. You can get a variety of medications from the pharmacist.


This is the pathway of medicine. Acupuncture and surgery appeared early before Jesus Christ. Then came vaccination and homeopathy in 1796. There is also the discovery of anaesthesia, microbiology and the incubator. There is also the electrocardiogram and radiology. Around the beginning of the 1900s, blood transfusion appeared. And then came the electroencephalogram and the pacemaker. Research continues: the scanner and the MRI exist. For couples who are unable to have children, the solution is there: in vitro fertilization. In 1990, there is what is called gene therapy for genetic diseases and cancer. In the 2000s, face transplantation became possible. Not to mention the possibility of having ceramic teeth. All this is part of the medical progress.


As medical progress there is the work on oxygen to fight anemia and even cancer. Current research and discoveries are mostly focused on cancer or tumors. As a new medical progress, there is still what is called immunotherapy. The biological clock is also one of the inventions of medicine. Before that, there is also the discovery of autophagy (self-destruction or self-digestion of cells to protect the body). Medicine is constantly making amazing advances in all areas. There are those for diagnoses, those in the field of surgery, or even for drugs. Soon, you will see robots as surgeons, the possibility of custom-made organ transplants. It may even be that surgery will leave no trace in the future.